Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder what goes in startup and get a paying customer? The majority of the would-be entrepreneurs never leave the dream phase; because they never had a right training and support.


Our discussion-like forum is all about to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to understand about taxes, company formation, attracting customers, building that unique idea and you may walk away inspired.


Entrepreneur Ecosystem Companies

  • Intelisales - Started in November 2008. Call center, software development, marketing and PR servcices. Registered with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

  • Karachi Host - Started in January 2015. Domain registration and hosting services including data center. Our data center is located in Ashburn-Virginia-USA, Canary Wharf-UK, Amsterdam, and Netherlands.

  • Muzdoor.pk - Started in February 2018. Labour human resources and plumbing, electrician, masonry, and contract services.

  • Tusvir - Started in January 2021. Pakistani image stock for different communities.

  • Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PkODR) - Started in 2020. Provide online mediation to civil and commercial customers. It's a .Net secure chat based system.

  • Muzdoor.com - Acquired domain and started in February 2020. Bidding on different skill sets for general public and government.

  • Covurc.com - Started in October 2021. Shared business offices, conference rooms and business real estate across Pakistan.

  • iTaxi.pk - Started in October 2016. Over land transportation services such as taxis, trucks, limos and aviation services such as chartered jet and jumbo jet for Pakistan military, armed forces and civilians.